Roasting in December


I wake up, roasting underneath the covers. I can feel my tank top sticking to me as I roll the covers off me and readjust myself. As I lay there, looking towards the window, cooling down, I hear the whir of the heat. The hell? Irritated, I walk to the living room to see if we forgot to turn the heat down. Nope, it’s set to 60. I check on the girls, they are sweating too. I walk back into my room and look at P, not sweating but obviously hot, the covers are pulled off of him as well.

This is a frequent occurrence. Not enough to wake me up every night but at least once a week I wake up feeling like I’m roasting on a beach instead of December in NY. We have closed the vents in our rooms. Do you think I turn the heat down any further overnight? Nope.

Why? Why do I not turn it down?

Christmas Revelation! I shall turn the heat down to 55 tonight and see how it goes.


2 responses to this post.

  1. We have the opposite. We turn down the heat at night, but it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning because it’s so toasty under the blanket and so cold in the rest of the room. Odd that it’s getting that hot in your place with the heat that low.


  2. I hate being hot at night, and especially hate having hot feet. The big M (which I thought might have been your problem, but not if it affects your girls and P too) made it worse. Hope turning the temperature down helps.


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