Oh What Fun it is to… Shower?


For seven years I have been in charge of bath time and making sure the girls are clean and presentable. Of course when they were babies I loved it and as they grew into toddlers it became kind of fun. Then as K moved on to preschool and then kindergarten and first grade it became… well… a chore. L was only slightly better until she declared she NEVER wanted to take another bath or shower AGAIN!

We moved this past summer into our house, no bathtub. Hmmm, how would this go?

Surprisingly well. K takes showers on her own. L takes showers with my help, once I get her IN the shower (the boycott of all things shower related continues, the battle rages on there).

Until K asked if she and L could take a shower together. Hmm, perhaps K could show L how it’s done- in kid speak. So, I said ok with the one rule: NO water is to get outside the shower.

They laughed as they got ready.

I turned on the water.

They got in and I washed L’s hair. We no longer use no tear shampoo or conditioner, so I wanted to make sure none would get in her eyes.

I left. *gulp*

Within minutes I hear joking, laughing, some frustration, more laughing.

You would have thought I sent them to some awesome fantasyland of fun.

Which, I guess, I did.

There was some water on the floor when I came back in to give them their towels (I forgot to leave them by the shower), but I didn’t say anything.

What’s a little water on the floor anyway?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Score! My sister taught me how to shower. I don’t remember laughing through it. Your kids sound like they had a lot more fun.


  2. Sounds like a great bonding experience for both of them!


  3. Introducing fun into something that was a hated chore? Brilliant!


  4. So true what’s a little water when the kids are having fun and one is teaching the other 🙂

    Random Thoughts Naba…#MicroblogMondays: I Wish To Read It Again……


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