Halloween Fun

I had written a post yesterday but I lost it somehow. I went to hit publish and while I waited for the publish to happen I must of refreshed by accident and lost the post. I’m bummed, I will write about that topic next week. Anyway, I’m home with a sore throat so I thought I would do some fun writing. A very short story. Some truth as I do feel some of these things when I’m home alone.


She woke up to the sounds of laughter on the TV. A Seinfeld rerun, one of her favorite episodes. Staring at the screen she felt like something wasn’t quite right. She looked over towards the kitchen, her coat was on the stool where she always puts it when she gets home. Her purse haphazardly thrown on top of the coat, shoes tucked neatly under the stool where she slipped them off. She felt her cat, Meiko, on the couch with her sleeping within the bend of her knees. Everything was as it should be, nothing out of place. Nothing out of the ordinary. Still, the feeling wouldn’t go away. Sitting up she tried to shake the sleep from her mind. She was so tired when she got home from work. It’s been a long week already and it was only Tuesday. Meiko gave an annoyed chirp as he got down off the couch. It appears he didn’t want to be disturbed. 

She walked to the hallway to go use the bathroom. That’s when she noticed the bedroom light was on. Weird. Had she turned it on? She was still in her work clothes, so she hadn’t gone in there to change. Did she go in there after work? She stood there thinking about  what she had done when she got home that night. She did not remember going into the bedroom. Her husband was out of town and would be until Friday. It wasn’t him who turned on the light. She stayed in that spot, unsure of what to do. Leave? Silly, she can’t give in to the fear. Check it out? There is a large chance she DID go into the bedroom after coming home, she just doesn’t remember. It’s probably nothing. With some confidence she walked into the master bedroom. Everything was as it should be: bed unmade (she never made it when Mark was out of town), closet door open, pajamas on the floor. 

Having seen one to many horror movies, read one to many suspense and horror novels, she knew she couldn’t leave until she checked out the master bathroom. The curtain on the shower was closed. Someone could be in there. Could be, but probably not. She had been sleeping for, what, 2 hours? That would have been the time for a killer to sneak up on her and kill her or worse. No. Nobody was in the shower. Yet, she still felt compelled to look, to make sure. Then of course she would be giving in to her fear. Her physical action would somehow make it true. Enough, she thought, and went to the closet, grabbed her old lacrosse stick, and headed to the bathroom. 

She turned on the light. A sure signal to whoever was in the bathroom that she was now in there. She reached out with the lacrosse stick to pull the curtain away… and… nothing. Nobody in there. She hadn’t realized how hard her heart was thumping until it started to slow down. Stupid. Of course there wasn’t anybody in there. Just then Meiko walked in and rubbed against her legs. Looking for food, attention, anything. Feeling stupid she leaned against the bathroom sink with her back to the mirror. She watched as Meiko jumped into the shower and started to lick the water that had pooled at the drain. 

Wait. Water? She had taken a shower very early this morning as she had to take Mark to the airport. He had showered the night before. The drain might have a little water pooled near it but not enough for Meiko to drink. Did Mark come home? Was his trip delayed? Even if it was, he wouldn’t have taken a shower. Of course, she didn’t know, she never looked before, maybe there WAS that much water pooled by the drain everyday. She just didn’t remember and it seems like something she would likely notice. Maybe? Maybe not? She got up from leaning against the sink when she was suddenly plunged into darkness. 


Without thinking twice she quickly shut and locked the bathroom door. Her heart racing, hand trembling, feeling sweaty, feeling her stomach do flip flops. She went to reach for her phone in her pocket. Fuck. Not there, she could see it, in her purse. On the stool. In the living room. It might as well be 3 states over. They didn’t have a land line so there was no phone in the bedroom. Now it seemed stupid to NOT have a land line. In the 30 seconds it took for her to think all of these things she decided she should probably start listening. Who’s out there? Wait, was it a storm? Did the power go out in the entire building? She didn’t remember the weather forecast. She didn’t think it was supposed to storm. She stood there, in the middle of the dead black bathroom listening. The only thing she could hear was the pounding of her heart in her ears. Adrenaline coursing through her body. 





She heard nothing. Nobody walking. Nobody trying to get into the bathroom. Nothing. She jumped and let out a little yelp when Meiko brushed up against her. She forgot he was in here with her. Then she felt silly. There was nobody in this apartment with her. Nobody. Period. She remembered that under the sink they had put a flashlight in case the power went out. She reached over and opened the cabinet, she started to feel around in the cabinet. As she did this she tried to stop the thought she would feel something else besides shampoo bottles and soap. That she would feel to the right and feel a dead hand or other body part. She didn’t of course, she found the flashlight and turned it on. With the small orb of light in front of her she felt far from safe. She didn’t want to look in the mirror with the flashlight. Her fear was she would see herself and someone would be right behind her. You know, classic movie style. 

Avoiding the mirror, she flashed the flashlight around the small bathroom. Nobody but her and Meiko. She had to get to her phone. Of course has had worked herself up into such a frenzy she was ready to grab her coat, purse, shoes and get the hell out of there if she made it to the living room. If? IF she made it? Get a grip she told herself. She told herself to stop believing in the fear, stop feeding it. There was nothing to indicate that there was someone in the apartment. Nothing. Just a feeling she had when she woke up. That could easily be attributed tot he fact that Mark was out of town. That’s what is not right. Usually he’s here and they are eating dinner watching Seinfeld reruns together on the couch. 

Now feeling doubly stupid, she unlocked the door and slowly opened it, nothing. No murderous psycho waiting for her. She flashed the light around the room, nothing. She opened the door all the way, feeling a bit more confident. Stepping slightly out, so she could easily get back in the bathroom if needed, she shined the light down the hall. Nothing. She could see her purse from where she was standing. There were two doors in the hallway, the 2nd bathroom on the left and the 2nd bedroom on the right. Someone could be in either of those. Feeling the prickly heat of anxiety she started towards the hallway. She was almost to the master bedroom door when she went back to the master bath to grab her lacrosse stick. It’s something to protect herself with, still, she wished she had a baseball bat instead. Feeling slightly foolish she started toward the hallway when suddenly the lights came back on. All the lights. As in, every light in the apartment, not just the ones that were on when the lights went out. 

Somebody was in here and they were playing with her. 

Her stomach felt like there was a whole net full of butterflies in there, her hands started to sweat, she could hear her heart again, feel it in her throat. This was her chance. This was her opportunity to run like hell, hit whoever got in her way, and get the hell out of the apartment. She would leave her purse behind fi she couldn’t reach it on the way out. Without thinking she bolted. She got to her purse, nobody tried to stop her, she dropped the flashlight, she headed straight towards the front door expecting someone to pop out of the kitchen or entry closet. She got her hand on the doorknob, she waited for someone to grab her. Her throat was tense with panic. She opened the door, saw the hallway, and started to go through the doorway to the safety of the common hallway. 

She didn’t make it. 



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