Working Through LIfe

I don’t have a lot of time (ok, almost none). However, there are some things that just need to come out. I think I need to bullet these as I don’t have time to really go through and process each and every one right now:

  • I’m getting back into working out, getting in shape after my surgery. This is not easy. It’s harder than starting from nothing. It feels like being left behind at school. I know where I want to be, should be, but I’m not there. Not even close.
  • I’m stuck in this weight loop. I lose a few pounds during the week only to bulk up and eat like a racehorse on the weekend. It sucks, it’s demotivating.
  • I like my job, but I’m on the fence with the industry we are working on. This will be a password protected post.
  • I miss having friends.

There’s more but that’s the jist of what is going on with me.


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