Sunday: Bike rides and Fun and Tantrums

Sunday started off really well. The girls slept until 6:30 or 7am, it’s always glorious when they are asleep past 6am. We all woke up in good moods. I was the pillar of patience, understanding, and fun. I was the mom I always strive to be: play with the kids, get the housework done, make pancakes for breakfast (let’s just gloss over the fact that pancakes were for breakfast because we didn’t have milk for cereal ‘kay?). I let P sleep in, he drove home from my mom’s Saturday night so I knew he was beat. When he got up he was in a good mood as well.

I got ready to go on my bike ride. I had wanted to get on the road for the ride by 6am, but after I checked on the girls at 6 and still heard snoring? Hell yes, I went back to bed. By the time I was putting on my shorts and shirt for riding it was already 9am. I had gotten ready and K told me she wanted to do her bike workout too. She got really jazzed to get dressed and go for a bike ride. P said they would go if she would just wait until he took a shower. She actually, wait for it, waited patiently (so I hear).

My ride, was tough. I’m still trying to figure out a good loop that will not put me on the busier streets with lots of lights. I had a lot of going out, turning around, etc. I will say that I love riding out in the country. We live near the regional ‘airport’ (quotes are mine, hilariously it does have major airlines coming and going but it’s so small and cute). I saw a plane take off, it was cool to have the plane so low to the ground right above me. I then turned right and I was in corn field territory. I saw a ton of birds: geese, robins, cardinals. Then, just as I approached I saw the most awesome looking deer. She was beautiful. She heard me and went running toward her friend who was more towards the middle of the field. The two of them ran back into the woods together, very graceful. In our area, like most, deer are way overpopulated. I understand that hunting is a sport and necessary. I don’t understand how you could see that animal and say, “Hey, let’s shoot ’em!”. I guess that goes with all hunting but deer are so pretty. Anyway, I also passed some horse and dairy farms. My favorite moment was when I passed a farm-house that sat pretty close to the road, and surprised two chickens that were chillin’ in the front yard. HA! They freaked. out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chicken run like, well, like a chicken with its head cut off. I got in 18 miles.

I got back and called P to meet me at the garage so I could change into my running shoes and do my 5 mile run. Him, K and L were still out doing K’s bike workout. So I rode up to meet them. I was so proud to see K on that bike. Her two-wheeled princ*ess bike with training wheels. She was really riding, really getting some speed, and REALLY PROUD OF HERSELF. It just makes my heart swell to see her so proud of herself, doing something that I know takes her out of her comfort zone. She’s a little shaky on the brakes so I had her show me how she should use them. She worked them pretty good so we headed down to the garage. There’s a slight hill, but nothing crazy. Well, she picked up speed, freaked out, and when P went to catch up with her (on my bike) he hit her by mistake and she went toppling over. No real harm done, just a scraped elbow and cheek. She quickly recovered.

Me and the girls went back to the apartment (5 mile run was abandoned, it was now 11:30 and HOT, and with K being hurt I wanted to be there for her). P went out and did a bike ride on his own. Again, the afternoon was starting nicely. We ate lunch, I got L down for nap, and I attempted to get K down. It didn’t work out, she would be almost asleep and wake herself back up. Boo. I prepared myself for an evening from hell.

All was fine until about 4:30pm. Then, well, all hell broke loose. K was tired, she hadn’t napped, and she was a bear. She became a totally different person, a true Hyde to her normal Dr. Jekyll. We went grocery shopping, she would not listen, got angry and upset when told to calm down. It got worse in the car when she is forced to slow down and might actually *gasp* fall asleep. She wanted to eat at a restaurant, she wanted a treat for being good in the store (ha!), she didn’t want to have dinner, she wanted dinner but not tacos, she wanted tacos but not with salsa… the list of grievances grew more and more as we drove the short 5 minutes back to our house. We get in, and she just got belligerent. Hitting P, hitting L, yelling, screaming, tantrum, tantrum, tantrum. I swear from 5-5:30 it was just one, long, drawn out tantrum. We sit down to eat (she had two trips to her room, one with me and one with P) and she comes out from her room sniffling and trying not to cry. Dinner was leftovers so total prep/cook time was maybe 10 minutes. Again, all was well until she ran out of the macaroni and cheese on her plate (I said it was leftover dinner night so it was tacos and mac and cheese). P put some on her plate and she asked for more, and he said, “K, please eat some taco too, I’ll only give you just a little bit of macaroni and cheese”. You would have thought he said no food for a week. I put my spoon down, told her it was time for bed and she said:

OK mommy. I’m tired. I’m ready for bed.

After a lot of tantrums, yelling, and tears, she finally fell asleep… only an hour before her normal bedtime. She was up during the night, but slept until 6:15 this morning.

Yesterday was one of those days that was so awesome yet so awful at the same time.

P has Dr. Jekyll today* (you can see the scrape on her face near her right cheek):

*The accompanying text message from P:
K requested I send you a pic of the necklace she made to you cause she said you would be ‘prouder’ of her than me (P) and she said you would say wow ’cause that’s how mommies talk
(love her so much!)


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