Shifts Both Big and Small

Now that I’m back into training and weight loss mode I have found a few shifts have started to happen.

On a larger scale I have almost completely shifted my thoughts on food. Most of the time I do a quick, calorie check on a meal before I eat. I will cut my portions in half if needed to get to an acceptable level of calories. If nothing else, this has made me hyper aware of what goes in my mouth. I say most of the time because I do allow myself to ‘just eat’ what I want on certain occasions. L’s birthday party last weekend was one of those times. I ate some hotdog, some hamburger, some vegetables and fruit, I also had 2 pieces of the most awesome cake (it’s got pudding in the middle, need I say more?). I ate it all without guilt. I returned to my regularly scheduled eating on Monday, but Sunday was all about fun, not counting. I will say this, Dorito*s… are NOT my friend. They are forever on my list of DO NOT EAT items. Food is no longer a comfort, but a tool to keep my body going.

I have always had a hard time managing my time. At home, at work, I sucked. I always felt like I was behind. I always had to ‘catch up’. A few weeks ago I was stressing about not getting something done and P said, “Why? Who else but you is going to know if you’re two days late or 2 weeks late?”. I just about stopped dead in my tracks. If I were in a cartoon you would here the screeching sound effect as all systems halted. Why indeed! Why do I feel that this needs to be done NOW, or that can’t wait until tomorrow? With some things there are hard and fast rules: bills, appointments, etc (although P carries his ‘why worry’ attitude into those as well.. drives me crazy). Others? My personal time line? Yeah, it’s ok if I don’t stay right. on. track. It’s made me a bit more relaxed, only a bit because old habits are REALLY hard to break.

I think trying to get my work outs in, work, and family time have made me more flexible with my time. I’ll take what I can get basically. Although, I’m finding my work outs are increasing to a point that an hour doesn’t really cut it some days. I’ll adjust something to make them work.

My blog reading has shifted as well. I have my core blogs (those located in my blog roll) that I read first when I see them on my Reader. However, some of the others that don’t post much or their lives have gone a totally different direction? I skip. My Reader used to consist of infertility blogs, parenting after infertility, parenting. Now? It’s filling up fast with triathlete blogs. Women triathletes. Not just sprinters like me but real, heavy-duty, elite triathletes. Most are moms to kids of varying ages. Most are doing exactly what I am, trying to fit it all in. I love the attitude of these blogs. These women are very inspirational. I will add them to my blog roll soon to share. Also, they inspire me to think beyond the Olympic distance tri, a half ironman perhaps. Someday.

I have some negative stuff going on right now as well. Nothing life changing, just stuff that irritates me. Stuff that I need to work on to be a better person. One thing at a time. Maybe soon some of those things will shift as well.

 A picture of L from her birthday party, I have a full post on that once I get the pictures:



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  1. You are awesome! Making changes in life is hard, but you are doing so well! I have plateaued at 6 mile runs. How do you mentally prepare for 9 miles? Or longer? I really need to get my head in the game for my half this fall…


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