Work: Need I Say More?

I’m finishing up my second week at New Job. So far? I love it.

Honestly, I knew that I would like it just for the sheer sake of having a job outside of the house (because SAHM’ing? TOTALLY a job). Before I started I was feeling a little embarrassed.

Previous job I was on the project management track. The ultimate goal being a licensed landscape architect with all the fun of being a project manager and managing people. I hated it. I hated every minute of it since I came back from maternity leave with K. Long hours, no budget for overtime, long commute, etc.

New Job, I have no management, no budget concerns, no responsibility except for solid work production. I love it. I can leave at 5pm and not worry about what I haven’t done from a PM side of things. I don’t worry about keeping other people busy. I turn off my computer and… go home. To my family. Who I see a mere 15-20 minutes after leaving the office.

The company I work for is large enough to offer some great benefits but small enough that they still remember that they have actual PEOPLE working for them, not robots. The treatment I have received here has been nothing short of awesome. I laugh with my co-workers constantly. The project I’m on is big budget, lots of overtime potential, and relatively easy work.

Know what I do? What my ‘title’ is? Senior designer/drafter. Yep. A job that someone with only a community college or technical degree can get and move up to senior. Do I care? Nope. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone with a young family who actually wants to SEE their kids grow up. I will have the odd week where working late will be mandatory but I’m really ok with that because that means: overtime. With no problems. No hassles.

I am constantly saying to P and Serenity, “I never want to wake up from this dream”. To actually enjoy coming to work? Awesome. To not dread dealing with the office BS that I was putting up with? Awesome. To get paid MORE than you think you deserve for the work you are doing? Awesome.

Right now, I am still in the honeymoon period. However, I don’t see many cons to this job or the company. Although, there is one large ethical/moral issue I have with The Project. That will be a password protected post.

My hours are flexible here. I can come in at 7am and leave at 4 or 5 or 6. Or I can come in later if needed. The benefits to this are that I can swim/run/bike before work and still get here ‘on time’ or leave earlier than most and do any of the above. In summation it supports MY lifestyle. Rather than having to fit my lifestyle around WORK.

I recognize that a lot of this is because I don’t work at the home office of Company. Things at home office are very much more rigid. However, not nearly as rigid as Previous Company. I am really enjoying my job right now. Enjoying my family. Enjoying that P is home with the girls and they are doing so well. THIS is what I wanted life to be like in MA. It wasn’t, and never would have been. I’m happy that I’m starting to see some of my dream come to fruition. P and I can work on the rest together, because we have TIME for that now.

Current view from my window:

View from my window when it’s snowing, like today:



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  1. I’m so glad you love your job and your apartment!! It sounds like you are really hitting your groove.


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