I have two sisters: H and S. Both are older, I love both of them dearly. H and I are one year apart, S and I are 5. Growing up, H and I would ‘get along’ as well as siblings do who share a room, know each other’s friends, and try to take each other’s clothes. S and I, because of our age difference were friendly but I wouldn’t say she was always there for me or anything. We all had issues growing up, S had more than her share I think.

I can tell you without missing a beat that I can tell both of my sisters anything and not worry about what they will think of me or if they will think I’m ‘weird’ or ‘stupid’, etc. They are, in a couple of words, my best friends.

That’s not to say that my relationships with each of them are the same. Far from it: H and I can pick up a phone and talk for 3 hours about anything and everything. There is a natural flow with her. S and I can talk on the phone for 3 hours but it tends to be… a little forced at times. In person, I can just tell when H and I thinking are the same thing. In person, S can seem distracted so I’m never sure what she’s thinking.

When P and I went back to Hometown, NY for Columbus Day S took me aside and asked me if, “an overweight, over 40-year-old woman” could do a race that I was going to run coming up around Halloween. I said, “Absolutely!”. So, she started training and we decided on the 5k the weekend before Halloween.

S’s approach to training could not be any further from mine. It also just goes to show you how different we are. I had a training plan, a recipe if you will, to get me to the finish line. I got a text from Sarah about a week before the race and she said, “I ran 3 miles. I’m beat, but I ran it!”. I texted back how long it took her. No lie, this is what she said, “Oh. I have no idea”. How can you do that?!?! Who can train and not know their time? Well, simply, S can.

She and my mom came the weekend of the race to visit. We had a great time finishing K’s costume and she ran a good 45 min. with me on Saturday, around 3.5mi.

Sunday was race day. We dressed up in some devil attire and we were off. She rocked this race. It was awesome. She ran a steady, even pace the whole way. We slowed down when needed and our finishing time? 40min14sec. I felt awesome after the race because it was a slower pace than I’m used to and because really? It felt great that she was there running with me.

In a nutshell I love my sisters, I love that S ran with me (and will be running a turkey trot with me come November), and that I have progressed where I am faster than I used to be with my running.

Some pics:


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