And Thank You for Your Support

When I started the training for the triathlon it was a large undertaking. I would need the support of a lot of people. P, obviously. I needed him to be behind me, supporting me, listening to me while I rant or gush about training. He was, for the most part. There were a few times he royally pissed me off and I questioned his support. However, in the end he was there for me whenever I needed him. He also became my invaluable technical coach for my bike. He really came through for me there.

The girls were another amazing source that I didn’t even consider. I mean, they put up with a lot from me. Getting up and getting to the Y, every single day.  Truth be told, for the most part, both of them seemed to love going to the Y. They also seemed to love coming to the 5K’s I did. Watching Lindsey go from a little pip squeak who cried when I dropped her off at Kid’s Club to a cute little toddler toddling into Kid’s Club without even looking back is just amazing. Kirsten too, she is always talking and playing with someone. In fact it’s usually more than one someone, it’s usually a group of kids.

Now, I expected some level of support from Serenity. I mean she’s my best friend. She’s been through training for one half marathon and is currently entrenched in training for a second half. However, it was amazing to talk to someone who understood all the ups and downs that training throws at you. What was also really cool was that we tend to have the same attitude when it comes to training. I can’t tell you how invaluable it was to have her say to me after I complained or ranted, “Uhhh, Huh. I know exactly how you feel”. It made me feel, normal, like it was ok to complain or be upset about something. However, it wasn’t all complaining. When I had a really good workout or an amazing training day, she would totally know where I was coming from. So, she rocks in the best friend, training buddy, support department.

Now, let’s look at some numbers shall we?

Since May, I have lost 14 pounds. It may seem like small peanuts. Truthfully it could be more, I just love to eat. Also, the amount of muscle on my body right now is awe-inspiring to me. Seriously. My arms? Have definition. My thighs and calves? More muscles. My abs? The same flabby mess, having two kids will do that to you, it’s going to take more time to trim it down.

Here are some other numbers:
Total time on the bike: 19:22 (hr:mm)
Total miles on the bike: 276

Total time running: 18:18
Total miles running: 80.21

Total time swimming: 15:21
Total yards swimming: 36050 (22.53 miles)

Some then and now’s:
May 6, 2010- Biked 20 minutes, 3.89 miles, pace was 12.8mph (dead flat)
August 23, 2010- Biked 41 minutes, 10 miles, pace 14.6mph (with hills)

May 7, 2010- Ran 15 minutes, 1 miles, pace was 15 min. mile
August 24, 2010- Ran 15 minutes, 1.3 miles, pace 11:53min. mile

May 7, 2010- Swam 21 minutes, 800 yards, breast stroke
August 8, 2010- Swam 22 minutes, 1000 yards, freestyle

So, yeah, training DOES work 😀


One response to this post.

  1. TOLD YOU. 🙂

    Truth be told, I just love that you share my obsession for this. It’s awesome to feel progress, and SEE progress, and do something as great as finishing a half marathon or a triathlon, isn’t it?

    My goal is to get you to run a 10k with me. And maybe you can teach me that swimming isn’t scary. 🙂



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