Bedtime Silly

Its all about me putting her to bed lately. No problem most of the time. She’s been sick with a fever the past couple of days, I spent the night with my feverish daughter in her bed last night. She seems to be on the mend, no fever as I read a story to her. I finish the story and she asks me to sing some princess songs. As this is the current CD in our van I should know these by heart. I don’t get very far into the songs before I totally forget the next verse. I tell her it’s time to close our eyes and fall asleep:
K starts picking her nose
Me: K stop picking your nose
K stops and then slowly puts her hand towards her nose
Me (in a mocking stern tone): Hey! I said no picking your nose!
We both giggle. It’s now a full on game. Her “picking” her nose and me “catching” her. Her giggles become full on belly laughs. I tell her we need to get serious and fall asleep. I start to ignore her taunts of picking her nose.
K: I want daddy.
She thinks she can prolong bedtime by getting him up there…


One response to this post.

  1. Cute! Grace is a bedtime manipulator–always coming up with “clever” ways to prolong the bedtime ritual… Kirsten sounds like such a fun & funny child!


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