A Real Summer

When I was working summers sucked. They sucked for me and they really sucked for Kirsten (and they would have for Lindsey). While her friends would take weeks off of daycare for family beach vacations, she would be stuck at daycare all summer. I never had enough earned time to take a vacation because I had used it all to take days off when she was sick during the year.

Anyway, this year? A real summer for Kirsten and Lindsey. Complete with pool time, beach trips, swimming lessons, and FUN.

I love that our van smells like sunscreen and salt water.
I love that my girls have faint tan lines.
I love that they can wear real sandals instead of closed toe shoes like they had to at daycare.
I love that we chill out in the afternoon heat in our newly renovated basement and watch Curious George or Martha Speaks.
I love that Kirsten has sand in her sandals and her hair.
I love that Lindsey and I hang out on the shoreline digging for shells and how she laughs when the water hits her tummy.
In short, I love this summer.

A couple pics of the dress code in the basement during a summer snack:


2 responses to this post.

  1. It sounds like you guys are having such a fun time! I’m so glad! Cute pictures. Your basement is awesome–you should post pics of the finished product sometime.


  2. If I didn’t have to teach, I’d get a job as a teacher. Summers off!


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