When I first got furloughed all the way until just a few short months ago I was really struggling. I struggled with losing my job. I struggled with being a stay at home mom. In short, I wasn’t having any sort of fun.


When one or both of the girls would do something totally amazing. With K it was watching her imagination blossom. To the point where her dolls now live in cities and towns and have jobs and say goodbye to their families. With L it was witnessing the first time she signed ‘more’ and the first time she crawled.

I have been battling with K over, well, A LOT of things lately. I have backed off quite a bit, realizing that I’m getting to controlling in some ways. L had a summer fever for a couple of days. P was (is?) battling the ‘man flu’ and it’s just been a crap fest for the most part.

Until today.

L took her first steps. When she first did it, it didn’t really register. I saw it, and then when she was in my arms I was like, “Holy Crap!! What did you just do!!”. She continued with this most of the afternoon. I felt like I had won the lottery.

Seeing this first hand, was just awesome. Something I never had the luxury with K. I am so excited for my little girl and so excited I was here with her to see it with my own eyes. It’s so easy to get caught up in the crap of day to day life with small children. I nearly forgot how awesome and awe inspiring it can be.

K did something cool today too. She sang almost a whole Dis.ney song with the music. She tried to hit all the notes and listened when she didn’t know the words. It’s a long song too. I was so proud of her. She is excelling in leaps and bounds at both swimming and gymnastics.

I’m just so in awe of my girls. MY girls. I’m so lucky to have them and to share this time with them.

Here’s a visual. Shortly after I took this she walked to me. I have video and will post soon:


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  1. Some days I long for being a stay at home mom for exactly the reasons you stated, especially now when “the baby” is almost 2 and her language skills are taking off and she uses her imagination during play. However, it’s hard not having adult reinforcement that ensures me I’m not valuable enough to be in the workforce, which is how I’ve been feeling for over a year, and that sucks.


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