Triathlon Training #1

I am about a month and half into my sprint triathlon training.
How is it going?
In a word…


I have so many thoughts on this journey I’m on with this training. It is totally amazing and really fucking cool to see my body and my mind changing.

First the physical. When I started I could barely jog for 10 minutes without completely going out of breath. Now? I’m jogging/ running for 45 minutes without stopping. I see muscle definition where I had no idea muscles existed. My arms? Have muscle. My legs? Muscle. I can swim 800Y in under 26 minutes. When I get my crawl stroke in order I’m positive I can shave a good five minutes off that time. I can bike for 45 minutes straight and get somewhere. I can feel my newly acquired muscles as I work out. The power I feel in my arms as I swim, the power I feel on my legs as I run and bike. My lungs? Amazing. I feel like I’m actually breathing. In short: I’m loving this.

Mentally? I’m more on task. I’m less forgetful. Although I celebrated Fathers Day with P today instead of next week because I really thought today was Fathers Day. Oops! I have a lot more energy. I don’t get the mid afternoon drag like I used too. I am able to be a LOT more patient with K when she acts up (3 year olds…).

I am doing the sprint tri over Labor Day weekend. Do I feel I can do it? Absolutely. In fact I cannot freaking wait. I can only imagine where my training is going to take me in the NEXT month and a half.

Also? I’m running my first 5K with Serenity on Wednesday. I am very excited. First, becuase I’m running a freakng 5K- never thought it would ME. Second, I’m running It with my best friend- who promises not to laugh when she sees how slow I am ;). Third, I’m doing it for ME, just like the sprint tri.

Expect more training posts in the future.


One response to this post.

  1. Hey now. There is no laughing in running. Me personally? I’m just freaking excited to be able to run WITH someone. Cause otherwise it’s just me and my thoughts that I’m not running fast enough. I can’t wait!

    Plus, we’ll get dinner out of the whole deal. 🙂

    Training for something like this is so EMPOWERING, isn’t it? Because you really CAN do anything you put your mind to. 🙂



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