Oh Look! It’s Some Kind of Award!

My wonderful friend Serenity passed this meme on to me. I decided to play along 😀

What I need to do is tell you 7 interesting things about me. Without further adieu:

1. I love TV. I think I always have. One of my early memories is coming home from kindergarten and watching The Rocky and Bullwinkle show while eating saltine crackers with cheese (or peanut butter). It was just me, my crackers, and my show. My sister’s were in full day school at that point.
I can’t really tell you WHY I like it. I know that it’s totally uncool, unhealthy, and generally un-everything to say you like it. But, whatever. I’ll admit that since having kids I don’t watch as much as I used to.

2. I have a real problem with people who don’t follow the rules or stick with the plan. There is nothing more infuriating to me than hearing about people who are cheating the system. When drivers don’t obey traffic laws I get irate (hence, I get really bad road rage). Here’s an example: Company Christmas dinner for Phil. One of the driver’s wives say that one of her friends with six (6!) kids used a friends address in a neighboring town so that her kids could get the, then, hard to get H1N1 flu shot. Disgusting and pisses me off.

3. I have this weird OCD about some of K’s and now L’s toys. The ones that have a case to put the toy. Example is this toy purse K got for her 1st birthday. It has a play phone, play keys, play lipstick, play change purse. All of the items MUST be put in the purse at the end of the night. Same with a set of blocks. They MUST be put back in their place. Other toys that should go in the bin with the rest of the toys? Eh, whatever, they can sit out. Heck, they can even be put in another bin altogether. It’s something about toys with ‘receptacles’ that need to be put away.

4. I’m deathly afraid of geese. They are evil beasts and not to be trusted.

5. I broke my arm as a kid climbing the walls. The hallway in our old house had wood paneling. My sister, H, and I figured out that if we were in just bare feet we could put one foot on each wall and climb the wall. Oh it was tremendous fun for us and our friends. Then, while my Aunt was watching us, I was all that way at ceiling height and just dropped. Right. On. My. Arm. It hurt, but I survived.

6. Um, ok, while we’re on the subject of childhood injuries… We lived in a really small fingerlakes town in NY growing up. It wasn’t really beyond the realm of possibility that H and I would head into town on our own. H had a ten speed and I sat on her handlebars as we biked into town this way. Down a pretty steep hill. H lost control, and I went flying off the handlebars hitting my head. Now previous to us going on the excursion H said, “Don’t worry, I haven’t lost one yet”. It seemed everything was ok. Then as we started walking I got really dizzy, and everything went white. The next thing I know I hear H screaming for someone to ‘help my sister’. I was ambulanced to the hospital. Upon leaving the hospital I remarked to H, “I guess you lost one”. That’s all I remember of the incident. I need to talk to H to see what she remembers.

7. I love board games. I wish Phil liked them. My family likes some of them as well. Scrabble is a crowd favorite, along with Rummikub. When my niece was visiting we played Monopoly, Game of Life, Yahtzee.

So, there ya have it. My seven things, you can decide if they were interesting :).

I’m a little rusty on the blogging game and 3 of my favorite ladies have already done this one so here are my picks:

Elle Bee

For those of you who choose to participate and pay this meme forward, here are the rules.

Thank the person who nominated you
Hang the badge
Write 7 Interesting Things
Nominate 7 Bloggers


One response to this post.

  1. Thank you!
    I love TV too. The kids aren’t allowed to watch, but once they’re in bed, that thing is ON! :o)
    Geese are pretty fiesty, aren’t they.


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