So far…

So good!
The new number is 286, doubling time of 42-43 hours.


Next appt is on the 23rd for an u/s.

Symptoms? I have tiredness and now we can add heartburn to the mix. That’s it.

So far…


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  1. Posted by andbabybmakesthree on September 11, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    Wow, I hadn’t checked here in a while since I thought you gave up blogging, and I come to find this wonderful news! Good luck on the 23rd!!!



  2. Congratulations! Wonderful news.


  3. This is wonderful news. Congratulations!


  4. Congrats!!!!


  5. You couldn’t ask for anything better! Yeah, and congrats!


  6. I’ve been a slacker about commenting and reading lately. Starting the school year does that. I’m sending you good thoughts on this new journey though!


  7. OMG, it’s been ages since I checked in, but I am so happy for you! Congrats!


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