Apologies and other news

My apologies for an extended absence. One thing after another came rolling in and I couldn’t find the time to blog.

First up, Kirsten. She is killing me with cuteness. The girl knows how to push all the right buttons to make me laugh. She is really speaking up these days and can recite the first third of the alphabet with little help. At her 20 month appointment yesterday she was to tall to be measured on the table, she had to stand on the scale. She did great and she is in the 90th percentile for height at 34″. As in 2’10”. Wow, she’s tall! Her weight is in the 88th percentile at 29lbs14oz. She is very proportionate and cute. Her head circumference is in the 88th percentile as well. She is doing well with sleeping, we had a mis-step a few weeks back but she is back to sleeping through the night. At school she had a shoving phase, there were some new little kids that just moved up and she had some trouble “adjusting”. Anyway, she’s all good now.

Phil and I did an injectible IUI cycle. The IUI were August 24th and 25th. The first one right on course, hurt, bleeding, cramping. The second one the nurse was so freaking gentle that it barely hurt. She inserted the “sample” at a slower rate. I’m telling ya, it was so much better! So, if you are looking at your calendar you may be saying, “Beta day was yesterday”. Yes it was.

First, let me tell you another change that was made at my clinic. I got a call from the nurse at 11:30am. BEFORE lunch. No waiting until 4pm! Unfortunately, I was not in the office yet so I called her back and she was on lunch. But, then, I got a call at promptly 1:10pm with the news.

Hcg level: 89.7

I go back on Thursday for repeat beta. I pray, and hope, and pray that it doubles nicely and we can start looking ahead to that first u/s.

I am shocked that it worked because to be honest I didn’t think it had. I was feeling very pre-menstrual. What with the diarrhea and craving for sweets and all. When I called Phil and told him he said he had a feeling it did work. Why? Because I had been dead tired for the past three days. Huh? I guess that makes sense now šŸ˜€
In fact I was so convinced it hadn’t worked that I had no idea when I would be due if this cycle worked. Very different than before that’s for sure. According to multiple calculators I am due May 19th. A day before Phil’s birthday and 4 days before my own.

I’m excited, cautious, and overwhelmed.


5 responses to this post.

  1. That is fantastic news! Congratulations–sending a lot of good thoughts for Thursday (and a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery).


  2. Posted by ~Hollie on September 9, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    Awesome news!!


  3. Awww congrats!!! Have a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!!!



  4. Here from Lost and Found.



  5. Congratulations..this is so fantastic! I was waiting and waiting for an update…so excited to see this one!


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