Guilt and Flexible Work Options

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment with Dr. E. When I went for my 6wk post partum my blood pressure was high and I was dealing with a clogged duct. I am happy to report that my blood pressure is down to normal and the clogged duct has been unclogged. Thank you StockingUp for your advice in the comments section. I noticed that it really went away when I started pumping in earnest here at work. See, little Kirsten does not like it when I put pressure on a duct to help get the milk out. She unlatches and gets generally pissed off. Since the pump doesn't give a shit what I do, I was able to put pressure on the clogged duct area and get things moving. To keep up with my daughter's voracious appetite I am upping the amount of times I pump during the day to 3. So far my body has been great at accommodating this. It's amazing how quickly my milk production responds to new demands and changes.
Also at my dr's appt. we discussed my emotional health. I'll be honest, as I was with my dr, it's not great. I have such an overwhelming feeling of guilt over leaving Kirsten at daycare for so long. Last week I was so busy with the whole, "I'm back at work" that I didn't really deal with how I felt about leaving her there. This week, well, it has hit me like a brick wall. If I think about it during the day it brings tears to my eyes. I re-took the post partum questionnaire and I am at the borderline point now. Dr. E was great. We discussed how things can change. I am going to ask to work from home. Dr. E listened to what I had to say. She wanted me to call her for an appointment if things start to feel really out of control. Right now, I think I'm ok, but it's hard. I'm basically going through the motions sometimes, but that's pretty normal for anybody. At any rate I have my annual pap in June and she said we would revisit this then if she doesn't hear from me.
I talked to my boss today about working from home options. I work in a small group in a large company. My boss really supports whatever flexible work option I come up with. He and I both think the other project managers I work with will be agreeable. But for craps sake is there ever a process to get this approved. Seriously, it's like trying to get into an ivy league school with high SAT's but low grades. He also said that whatever I ask for, make sure it's what I want. If I get approval and start working these hours and find that it's not enough, getting secondary approval for a new schedule will be nearly impossible. J and I have to discuss things tonight.
We had such a mild winter this year. Hardly much snow. So why the heck has Mother Nature decided to give us snow NOW, in April?! It made our ride home yesterday quite miserable.

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  1. Posted by Christiana on April 6, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    Heather – It’s wonderful that your boss is being reasonable about your request. I’m very happy for you. I’m sure it will help you to be able to be closer to Kirsten more often, etc.
    Happy Easter!


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